Sales Mastery India

Bernadette McClelland is honoured to be a partner in association with Blue Ribbon Integrated Coaching, Consultancy and Knowledge Solutions (BRICCKS) in New Delhi, India to bring a fresh approach to business growth through SALES MASTERY. This ground breaking initiative across multiple cities in India is focused on the unique concept of The Sales Triad.

Do you, as a sales professional, wish to:

    • Position yourself as the expert in your customers eyes?
    • Exclusively raise the level of ‘certainty’ and ‘influence’ with your customer?
    • Elegantly present how your product or service helps your market increase their profitability?
    • Have more customers buy from you more often?

At a time when salespeople are leaving business opportunities on the table and not knowing how to sustain business relationships, it’s time to do something radically different than what you’ve always done…

In 72 hours we guarantee you will create one incremental and profitable sale!

We’ll give you the tools to also EMPOWER you with revolutionary STRATEGIES for focus, connection and certainty in this volatile and changing sales market.

We’ll go through a 27 step process that is designed to have you leave the event and immediately work on converting prospects IN LESS THAN 72 HOURS – you’ll feel more empowered, super intelligent and highly activated and we will guarantee that you will:

    • Extend your thinking so that information provided differentiates you from your competitors
    • Dramatically strengthen relationships with your customers
    • Help your customer understand the real reason why they are buying
    • Create an unstoppable anti-competitive strategy
    • Generate stronger loyalty towards your company

So under the overarching frames of Thought Leadership, Personal Leadership and Sales Leadership (The Sales Triad), then SALES MASTERY cannot help but rock your world, be the lever that gets you results and transform your sales business into a buyers magnet.

COME ALONG TO SALES MASTERY – it’s going to be phenomonal!

We will roll up our sleeves and dive into the five critical steps need to create your competition and not merely chase it.

  • Connect, appreciate and understand your customers view of the world
  • Leverage your unique value and position you as an expert
  • Initiate change from an industry to individual level
  • Create an empowering alternative solution by challenging the status quo, your customers thinkng and your own thinking
  • Keeping it real – through being you, coaching your client not selling them, discovering the marketer in you through social media not relying on the marketing department and identifying the ideas visionary within you.

What’s great is we will also be supporting you with pre-event activities as well as providing ongoing support after the event to ensure the learnings are well and truly embedded.

At a location fitting for world class training – The Leela Kempinsky – Gurgaon, you will also be shoulder to shoulder with world class business people who, like you, also want the edge.

That opportunity to network is awesome as we always hang out with cool people who are here for the same reason as you – to learn and grow and contribute to others. So come along – I don’t run them very often and I would love to meet you.

For all of you, you have our support and heightened focus that can only come from an experience such as Sales Mastery.

I guess in closing, we need to realise that like most things in life, Sales Mastery is only POSSIBLE if you really want it. You and I know that DESIRE is not enough.

Whether what you hear is new or something you have heard before it comes down to BELIEF. But belief and desire don’t mean you do anything. The difference between those who master sales and those who don’t is their degree of COMMITMENT to getting it. Being interested in sales mastery is not being committed to it. Many of you would have examples of where you know that to be true.

One thing that I know, having presented this message in one form or another for years to many people is that it is not the smartest or most talented people who get the results – it’s those that take MASSIVE ACTION.

Register your interest here and we will rush you out an introductory pack, a complimentary copy of the published ‘Modern Day Salesperson’ and an audio on Connumicating with the Four Personality Types’.

So please register your interest here RIGHT NOW and we look forward to connecting with you at this groundbreaking event very soon.

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