For any speaker, coach, therapist, trainer or anybody wanting to begin their own entrepreneurial business, FREE to FEE covers all the basics of getting out and about and positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Following in the footsteps of two very well respected business mentors, Winston Marsh and Doug Malouf, Bernadette McClelland personally delivers this phenomenal  event –  FREE to FEE . This program is worth its weight in gold and led to Bernadette being booked as a professional speaker at a world class level, operating a thriving global coaching business and publishing two books.  Learn the secrets one decade on because the philosophy remains the same – although not many people practice it.

Topics included feature:

    • Discovering the power to market yourself regardless of what well meaning friends think
    • Cementing your area of expertise so you know what you are going to be known for
    • Creating the platform for publishing your own book because everyone has at least one book inside of them
    • Learning how to position your fee structure so that your value provided is in alignment with your remuneration
    • Find out what it takes to earn up to $4000 an hour as an industry expert
    • Unearthing the different plates you can spin to ensure a steady six figure income

Create an environment that sets you up for success. The biggest problem facing emerging entrepreneurs is that passion isn’t enough.  If you want to light up the world with your message then you must be able to pay the electricity bill.

Join us for this event that will catapult your forward providing you take the action. Register your interest and we will send you out an introductory pack.

Helen Kossivas

Truly one of the most amazing workshops I have attended in the past 5 years.
Bernadette’s presentation was perfect for my situation – (in a coaching business with corporate clients, but wanted clarity that I was going about it in a way that was helping the business grow) – I was curious about the “hows” of the marketing of my business. I had many tools and theories, but needed some tips on the practical side.  Bernadette was amazing at understanding where I was coming from, and gave me the steps involved to take the action that was going to be the difference to my practice.
Within hours of attending the workshop, I had put the steps into play, and already the results are amazing. I have had some very positive feedback.  My “to do” list is growing with some ‘real’ action and I am more than ever, inspired to continue with this enthusiasm.
In addition, I made some wonderful connections on the day.  I can’t think of a better way to be learning  than in a fun, comfortable and genuinely caring environment.
This was my first workshop with Bernadette, and I am looking forward to the next. The value gained in her workshops, along with Bernadette’s authentic nature and ‘personal’ attention, make it very easy for me to recommend anyone in the coaching arena, whether starting off, or well into it, to seek her valuable insights.

Helen Kossivas

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