Driving Sales Genius

Driving Sales Genius is a compelling one day workshop designed by a master sales professional for sales professionals. This one day will allow you to share in the direction selling is taking in the 21st century and enable you to become an elite salesperson rather than become extinct. It will provide you with the necessary skills and strategies for you to become the business person you need to be in order to provide an awesome product or service to your market and tip the scales in your favour.

In this event you’ll discover:

  • How to add EVEN MORE value to a potential client – especially when buying trends are down so we’ll share some wonderful ways to position you exclusively!
  • How to become the most TRUSTED ADVISOR every prospect and customer is looking for by learning how to have meaningful conversations with the C Level
  • Find out how the customer is sizing you up against your competition and what they are waiting to see from you. A tip here –  it is not price!
  • Create the perfect business proposal and presentation designed around the customer
  • Discover How to enormously add to the LIFETIME VALUE of a client providing upsell/cross sell opportunities that are so very compelling
  • The ONE simple PRACTICAL question you’ve not been asking your pospect — (and believe it or not, it is NOT closing the deal) and without this you’re unfairly preventing yourself from converting high-paying prospects and making more money…fast (the solution is SO easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t discover it sooner!)
  • The 5 Steps to Business Optimisation that will clearly demonstrate how you can increase your results by as little as 10% and as much as 200+% and this is a formula you can use now and in the future based on your own accounts or business—- this is powerful and real.

Join us in this hands on workshop that will have you walking away with IMPLEMENTABLE STRATEGIES and DONE-FOR-YOU TEMPLATES that will weigh in your favour:

  1. Finding customers and increasing conversion opportunities
  2. Monetising those customers increasing revenue
  3. Retaining those customers so that they buy more frequently from you

The world of selling is changing and there are many intelligent people out there who have the ability to be commercially smart but are lacking a few key distinctions. We will provide those in this one day Driving Sales Genius workshop.

Join us now, register and we will rush you our information pack.

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