Sack The Client?

Sack The Client?

Can The Client Be Wrong?


People are people regardless of whether they are your client or not and they all have their own stories and beliefs about what is true and right and how it is not their fault, just as you have your stories. However…

Here comes the big butt… it has nothing to do with who is right or wrong. It has everything to do with you!

It’s all about your flexibility regarding your behaviour and their behaviour. Let me give you an example.

Sarah felt the blood start to boil, the flush hit her face, her knuckles clenched and she listened, in disbelief, at the excuses and blame and lies that were spewing forth from her clients mouth.

She fired back, defending her actions… until, for both of them, it became about who was right and wrong. And no one was going to win this battle because the battle was no longer about the cause. It became about the ego!

The next time a client fires you up, you can do one of three things

  • Suck Up to the client and feel ongoing resentment and lack of respect because you have allowed them to control the situation under a mantle of uncertainty on your behalf.
  • Stuff Up by allowing the clients behaviour to feed your own ego and meet your own need for significance and certainty and the relationship and reputations will be forever damaged.
  • Step Up and back yourself by strategically giving in to them in order to meet their need for significance and certainty thereby allowing them ‘a win,’ but also make it clear what your ground rules are moving forward.

For some of you, practicing on your kids or spouse might be a great start! On a serious note though, the person who is able to be the most flexible and least rigid in their thinking, the person who can put their ego to the side for the greater good, who will not fight for who is right, but what is right in the moment, will be the one who ultimately controls the show.

Task – Tonight, review your day and create 3 different ways you might have been able to respond to a couple of different scenarios.


This is an extract from Bernadette’s book – “If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going”.

At a world class level Bernadette McClelland, Director of TPLA, has coached hundreds of people from over a dozen countries on how to tap into and bring out the value in themselves and others, breaking through the uncertainty to achieve phenomonal results for their lives and businesses. She is also an award speaking professional speaker, trainer and published author.

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