Diary of a Coach

Diary of a Coach

Hi Bernadette,
Thank you. I feel something awakening inside me. Today I feel more alive than before and this feels damn good.


I met a brave man today! Brave because he was willing to share with me his innermost rules of life. He shared with me that the value of freedom was the most important value he could live by.

Before I go on, let me explain the word ‘value’ in this context. Values are emotional states that we all live in. They are based on our experiences in life and are the emotions that we believe are the most important emotions for us to experience.

Beneath our values lie our rules and these are the rules that govern our lives – that make us happy or not. You see, the only way we can ever feel happy is when we live congruently with our values and our rules support us.

Back to my client. The rules he had set up around experiencing freedom meant that he needed a net income of $100,000 and the same amount in his bank account too. He is currently unemployed!

I shared with him a story of another man whose rules around freedom were simply to be able to walk down the street without a bomb going off. Another client!

Have you considered your values? What those states are you WANT to live in and what the rules are that are setting you up for sabotage or success?

Chat soon,

B x

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Bernadette McClelland is the founder of  The Personal Leadership Academy and Primary Coach and Trainer.

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