Commercial Conversations

With 54.6% of business poised to not meet target this year (Forrester) and less than 50% of salespeople not expecting to achieve budget, something must change.

The gloves are off. Learning HOW to sell is not enough.

We need to re-imagine the sales conversation from a totally different angle.

What are the sales process you are currently using? Is it too linear? Too mechanical? Too forced?

It’s time to check in with yourself, your interpretation of the sales process, the meaning you put on what you hear, the questions you are not asking your prospect and yourself, what your beliefs are around money and so much more.

Bridging the gap:

There are 9 sales conversations we encourage at Sales Leaders Global within a framework we refer to as the Conscious Selling Model.
    • We focus on you, your levels of conviction and connection that will determines how you get your foot in the door and engage with potential buyers.
    • We ask you to get into story telling mode so that you don’t get stuck on product.
    • The focus of commercial conversations is found in The Qualification Quadrant where we tap into the psychology of sales, creating and releasing tension so that you can tap into the emotional buying criteria of your buyer. Powerful session.
    • Understand the power of context and rising above product. Lift the bar on your business acumen.
    • There will be metrics that determine your progress – get honest about your money beliefs and sales process.
    • Celebrate the partnership after the contract has been signed so you can leverage relationships and potential referrals, recommendations and relationships for a win/win.
    • Give and grow other people and their businesses. Achievement in sales is never enough. Fulfillment is success.

The programs through Sales Leaders Global are proven, .

It’s your life, it’s your decision. Call us now!

Sandra Lin

Thank you so much for your patience and supporting me for the last 6 months!

I really appreciate it and I can’t believe the progress I have made during that time as I was totally not expecting it!

I started off as an angry, bitter and resentful person towards life and I felt like I was getting the raw end of the deal for everything. Now, I no longer hold onto this anger/resentment towards my past and current present situation, as I have shifted my thinking and perception as I feel that I have unlocked unlimited potential/opportunities for my future. WOW!!! I’m so glad that I started coaching at a young age of 25 though! I would’ve gone through my whole life holding all those anger/resentment/bitterness that I had initially and I wouldn’t have achieved much and that would’ve been very disappointing. I am so excited about my future and I believe that I can achieve all my dreams with this new attitude of mine!!

Thank you for being a part of my learning and development journey! Your input has helped me tremendously to grow into this person who thought she had no feminine energy in her. Now I have abundance and I’m in touch with my natural state which feels great!

Please keep in touch and let me know if you ever come to Sydney! I’ll let you know when I’m heading down to Melbourne, as I would love to meet you!!!

Take care 🙂

Sandra Lin

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