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Sales Leadership Is The Backbone Of Our Economies

Sales Leaders Global is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. We partner with small to midsize businesses, corporate sales teams and individuals in the ICT and Manufacturing fields who want to raise the bar on their sales leadership skills in order to enhance and augment their existing skillset and mindset.

Our clients include businesses from across the UK, Asia, India, USA, NZ and locally within Australia.

The primary objective of Sales Leaders Global is to provide an accountability and execution based learning environment that supports sustainable personal and professional growth. Our approach is based on a baseline of personal leadership and human psychology awareness (the art), coupled with sales process and metrics (the science):

    • Tap into the leader within
    • Run our businesses more profitably
    • Live our lives with greater purpose
    • Enjoy those people in our lives

As Bernadette McClelland, founder of TPLA says “Personal Leadership is there by default. It’s a commitment to honour the life we have been given, it’s a competitive advantage in business and a strategy to a life of fulfilment ”

To change the way you view life, to create some form of differentiation in business, to change your outcomes, then please, join us. We’d love to have you on board.

With coaches across India, Asia, North and South America, Australasia and Canada, The Personal Leadership Academy provides phenomenal service achieving phenomenal results. With a system that is a combination of transformational coaching and outcome focussed coaching the results are long term and sustainable. This style creates world class leaders in their individual environments, whatever they choose those environments to be. read more...
"Intelligent" implies those people who not only have a high degree of understanding, but also a capacity and taste for the higher forms of knowledge. The world is changing rapidly, relationships are strained more than ever, careers are on flaky ground, businesses are here one day and gone the next, obesity, stress and health ailments are at an all time high and people are looking for answers – intelligent people are looking for answers and the rest, well… they don’t care. read more...
On Line
Our on-line programs are cost effective and time effective and are a convenient way for you to participate in a workshop or training. We provide a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle and our resources are quality handouts and done-for-you templates that are downloadable and can be printed or kept as reference files. read more...